Ability to pick and choose which webcams are shown and when

What are you trying to do? (Detailed description)
It would be great if you could pick and choose which webcams to show and when. A lot of people are surprised when I make them dial-in on their phone because I don’t want that empty black box that show when they login via webcam.

What is the challenge you’re experiencing?
With this new virtual world, people prefer to log into Elite Studio with their webcam even if they aren’t presenting.

Do you have a workaround that you use right now?
I make them dial-in. Which is fine, but it still would be able to have more flexibility to show many 2 presenters who are doing a fireside chat, 1 presenter who is doing slides and 1 moderator all separately and not have to deal with people turning on and off their cameras when the 3 current layouts offer limited customization.

Yes to this!

I would also add that I typically open our webinars with housekeeping items. Then turn it over to our moderator/panelists. But I don’t want my camera to show when I’m not contributing to the conversation, but I also don’t like the black box if I turn my camera off.


YES!!! I asked about this capability as well during our recent account check in.

I also open with the housekeeping notes. My ‘black box’ then blocks out a presenter, who is introduced by the moderator, until he/she begins to speak. It would be a huge upgrade to be able to promote/demote the webcams.


100% on this. As the producer for all our events and webinars this is really needed.


1000% this. This is my biggest complaint about this platform by a MILE. Please, please add the ability to lock videos on screen together (i.e. select two of four to have on screen at one time) AND the ability for producers to be on video in the background, but NOT shown to the audience.


Love this. It would be great to have an option similar to Zoom where it does not show people who’s cameras are off. ALSO, would be great to be able to upload headshots instead of just the black box.

We are brand new ON24 users and I already know that I want to have several “panel of experts” type discussions where there are 3 or 4 people involved in the discussion, all from separate locations. So any tool that would facilitate the setting up of these 4 camera feeds would be great.

AGREE! When we log in before a webinar to make sure there isn’t any difficulties, I as a producer is nice for them to be able to see me but when the webinar is going to start, I have to call in so I’m not showing during the discussion during the q/a session. I like to show all at the same time to make it seem like we are in a room for attendees. the black box isn’t what they want to see.

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